Café Uksakka Taste the authentic local flavours

Lunch restaurant and
cafe in Luosto

Café Uksakka is a cozy lunch café in the neck of Luosto, hosted by the family from Jaakkola’s reindeer farm. Uksakka offers delicious lunches and hearty reindeer dishes, all from the premium quality meat of Jaakkola’s own herd. Lunches change daily and come with a large salad buffet and potato bread called rieska. They are available MON – SAT at 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Sometimes there is soup and sometimes a heartier home-cooked meal including stews and baked dishes. We value local ingredients and we always prepare all the food ourselves from start to finish.

  • We are open Mon-Sat 11am–4pm, lunch from 11am–2pm
  • Pyhä-Luostontie 1266 | 99555 Luosto
  • | Tel +358 400 920 918

Lunch menu

Tasty burgers, reindeer kebabs and warm bread are prepared on Uksakka’s grill. The menu also includes salads and, of course, proper sautéed reindeer. Come to the place for a treat or a take away! You can also place your order conveniently by calling and picking it up shortly afterwards. The kitchen closes half an hour before Uksakka closes.

  • Home-cooked lunch 14,50€
  • Soup lunch 13,50€, Salad lunch from the salad bar 7,90€
  • Children’s take-out table: 0 – 7 years old 5,90€ / 8-14 years old 7,90€

Week 11 and 12

Mon 13.3 Minced meat soup

Tue 14.3 Creamy fish soup

Wed 15.3 Reindeer soup

Thu 16.3 Salmon casserole

Fri 17.3 Reindeer lasagnette

Sat 18.3 Smoked ham casserole

Mon 20.3 Asian style chicken soup

Tue 21.3 Reindeer Bolognese & potato mash

Wed 22.3 Spinach soup & eggs

Thu 24.3 Pea soup with ham, pancakes

Fri 25.3 Stewed reindeer with vegetables

Sat 26.3 Salmon- white fish soup


Note: drinks are not included in the meal prices

Story of Uksakka

In Sámi belief traditions, Uksakka, the doorkeeper, is one of the three daughters of Máttaráhkká, the mother of the land. Uksakka’s duties include guarding newborn children and protecting them from bumps and falls. Café Uksakka is Jaakkola reindeer farm’s youngest addition – the hoped for and long-awaited evening star, born somewhat unexpectedly, but fueled by strong intuition and passion.

Delicious Reindeer Food and Local Ingredients

Uksakka’s focus is on tasty reindeer food and other local, high-quality ingredients. The reindeer meat comes from our own herd, berries and mushrooms from nearby forests, and fish from local professional fishermen. In Uksakka’s small shop you can find, for example, berry products from local producers, turnip jam and natural herbs.

Atmospheric Milieu and Personalized Service

In Uksakka’s atmospheric milieu, attention is paid to hospitality and a relaxed, but friendly service as well as the comfort of our customers. Authentic candles create a cozy table atmosphere, the walls are decorated with the handiwork of local artists, and the large windows are decorated with natural wreaths made by a local master florist. Exactly the same interesting eye-catching decoration delights in the wonderful 52-seater kota restaurant at the reindeer farm in Alakitinen – the place where the world’s most famous TV chef, Mr. Gordon Ramsay, was moved to tears.

Jaakkolan Porotila | Cafe Uksakka

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