Welcome to Uksakka!

Café Uksakka is a cozy, family-owned lunch café and restaurant located in the centre of Luosto, the blue house next to the K-Kauppa grocery store. Uksakka offers fresh bakings, delicious lunch and rooted reindeer meals from the host´s own reindeer herd. The owners of Uksakka are local reindeer herders and they also run tourism business at Jaakkola Reindeer Farm only a stone´s throw away from Luosto centre.

Uksakka is open every day at 11:00-16:00 and a daily changing lunch with variety of salads and homemade bread is served from Mondays to Saturdays from 11:00 to 14:00.

After a day of skiing, it is nice to stop by to Uksakka’ s small, cozy living room to enjoy a hot blueberry juice – with or without a pinch of vodka. We also serve espresso, cappuccino and other special coffees, but worth mentioning is also our lovely hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Uksakka’ s coffee vitrine is filled with our own local bakings and tasty products from a local bakery that are guaranteed to nourish the cravings for sweets or salty. We bake every morning cinnamon rolls, “munkki”-dognuts, berry pies and heavenly cakes made of dark chocolate.

From the kitchen of Uksakka

On the Uksakka´s grill parilla we make tasty burgers, reindeer kebab and warm bread. Our list includes also salads and sauteéd reindeer, which is praised to be the best in the area. All the reindeer meat we use is from our own herd and quality is guaranteed. You are welcome to dine on site or pick up your order and enjoy it in your holiday cabin. The order can also be handled conveniently by calling and picking it up a moment later. The kitchen closes half an hour before Uksakka closes (15:30)


UKSAKKA REINDEER BURGER incl. reindeer burger with succulent Brioche bun, 140g ground reindeer steak from Jaakkola reindeer farm, smoked BBQ sauce, Cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, Uksakka lingonberry mayonnaise and crispy stick potatoes 15,00€.

VEGETABLE BURGER incl. succulent brioche bun, beetroot, goat cheese and Devil’s Jam. In addition, green salad or crispy stick potatoes 15,00€

REINDEER KEBAB incl. 150g Jaakkola reindeer kebab, nicely hot kebab sauce, garlic aioli, crispy stick potatoes, tomato and cucumber 15,00€

UKSAKKA Sautéed Reindeer incl. 170g succulent shoulder sauté, proper mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles 24,00€

UKSAKKA SMOKED REINDEER SALAD incl. Jaakkola cold smoked reindeer, green salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, dried cranberries and herbal vinaigrette 14,50€

CHICKEN-GOAT CHEESE SALAD incl. Grilled chicken, goat cheese, green salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts and herb vinaigrette 14,50€


REINDEER MEATBALLS and crispy stick potatoes / mashed potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes 8,00€

KNACKWURST and crispy stick potatoes / mashed potatoes, cucumber and tomatoes 8,00€

CHILDREN’S REINDEER BURGER and crispy stick potatoes 10,00€

SAUTÉED REINDEER 90g premium quality reindeer stew, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles 12,00€

Note. drinks are not included in the meal prices